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This was a pilot project to research the need and pitfalls. The very real need for this type of community project quickly became manifestly obvious. To make this all possible, we need to find some substantial investment, principally due to the expense of equipment and the security it requires. We are looking for any donations, however big or small, whether in kind, or financial. In addition to this, we also need retired professionals who would be willing to fund raise and network to enable this project to advance and develop.

We discovered during the pilot for this project, that while many of our participants had computers at home, they had never realised their full potential. This was just one of the facts revealed that served to emphasise the crucial need for such a project.

The age range of the people who use this project, is badly neglected by other related endeavours, illustrating the need for an enterprise that is - by women - for women - enabling women, all of whom are over 30 (including pensioners), to explore and discover their own potential.

Any donation, however small or large, will be very gratefully received.

Please give generously.


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