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A 16 week workshop run by women for women

In the last year, since 11th September many centres were closed as they lost their funding and stopped providing valuable resources to women-only clients. Cooltan took up the initiative to fill the gap created and relieve some of the stress that has been placed on resources that are heavily over subscribed and have long waiting lists. One of our Tutors received a mind millennium award and set up the women only art workshop.

Women-only workshops
For survivors of mental health, sexual assault and trauma.

These workshops are provided by women artists who have experience of similar events in their own lives. They deliver the workshops with the aim of enabling the women to create a safe environment to explore issues that have effected their lives. The class acts as a catalyst for women to share their experiences, and to create and develop their own creativity.

This simple nurture with creativity goes a long way in enabling people back to good health. Art enables key skills and re-learning processes without any feelings of excessive pressure. The types of skills are discussion, making choices, language, expression, feeling, intuition, confidence to be in a group, and confidence to speak. It also provides a social atmosphere away from a day centre, which will encourage people who do not like to be labelled a place to go, break their isolation and give participants an activity to look forward to.

Mentoring Women

The women’s workshops have enabled two women to start thinking about the skills they had before they fell ill. These two are being supported to apply for grants to run printmaking classes at the centre. They are being supported by the women tutor from the women’s group.

Aims achieved:

To facilitate women's workshops, enabling them to utilise art in the exploration of their experiences of life - these may cover mental distress, poverty and abuse.

To introduce women to digital technology, and further educate them in its use as an art form.

To provide a safe environment for users of the project.

To produce a website and have it hosted, exhibiting the results of all the positive work being done.

To work with relevant local organisations having an interest in mental health and women’s issues.

To produce documentation and exhibit the finished work to a wider audience on the internet - a 16 week project.


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