Video Volunteers

Tuesdays, 2-4pm: CoolTan Arts are looking for volunteers to work on fun, creative and/or promotional videos

CoolTan Arts is an arts in mental health charity, run by and for people with mental distress. We would like our films, to be unique, colourful, inspiring and engaging – like us!  The video group has been running for a long time, led by highly experienced videographers, who specialise in film making and animation. You will learn basic video making skills and put them to use in a supported environment.

Some of the programmes and skills you will be using include:

  • Aftereffects
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Production and Post Production
  • Script writing, story-boarding, editing, directing
  • Animation
  • Photoshop
  • Filming and practical skills such as carrying equipment

We have the range of camera equipment necessary and Final Cut Pro editing software in out IT suite in the office.

You will work closely with our Communications Officer on the content, who will provide ideas and advice and set up filming support.

The videos will need to be prepared for Youtube/Vimeo and also DVD export.

The video group in the past has showed films at the Science Museum, Canada Water, and the BFI. You can see some of their work here:  

Availability: Tuesdays, 2 – 4pm for weekly Video Volunteer Group meetings

We would ideally like our volunteers to commit to coming to the group on a regular basis, although we understand it’s sometimes not possible to make every session. There may also be filming of events that takes place on evening or weekends; or out of house.

What we offer:

CoolTan Arts provide travel expenses, and we will pay up to the cost of a One Day Bus Pass if needed.

How to get involved:

CoolTan particularly welcomes volunteers with disabilities and those with lived experience of mental distress. Please contact us with a bit of information about yourself, by calling the office on 0207 701 2696, or emailing

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