Volunteer of the Month – Daniel

1. What made you decide to start volunteering here?
I saw a sign at my GP’s surgery for a CoolTan well-being adviser session and a session was arranged the next day. I spoke to the CoolTan adviser about my health and well-being – the things I was doing already and other things that might be helpful, one of which included volunteering. I have had issues with depression since my teenage years – nearly 50 years! I believe that my creativity is very important for my mental health so getting involved with CoolTan Arts as a volunteer is a great fit for me. A chance to use my filming, and digital communications background to help others and myself was very exciting.

2. What is an average day like volunteering at CoolTan?
The volunteer video group meet once a week for a few hours. We might be involved with filming itself or all the other activities that go into making films including: planning, editing, maintaining equipment, brainstorming, communicating with other volunteers and CoolTan staff and those we are filming. Most of the filming and some of the editing takes place outside of the weekly meeting time and some filming at outside locations. So there are not many average days.

3. What has been the best thing about volunteering with us?
Getting back into film making especially for such a positive organisation full of creative, encouraging people.

4. What are your future plans?
Continue to make films for CoolTan, develop my film making skills more, perhaps look for part-time work, and keep as well as I can.

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