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Social NetworkCoolTan Arts has a new Social Network site! Register yourself for free and join us in our open forum, get a chance to start or join a group, upload pictures and videos, meet new people, get information, and have fun. Log in

and join us to inspire the well-being and creative participation of a diverse range of people through the production of quality arts. This social network is has been set up by our volunteer Mohammed and is linked with CoolTan Arts’ blog which can be viewed at is another site brought to you from Cooltan Arts.

It aims to give a grassroots voice to those of us using or involved with mental health services providing each other with support, advice and sharing experiences, it’s also a creative place, where we can put drawings, paintings, photographs, creative writing, music and spoken word poetry.

Podcast: Do you have a story about mental health and its effects on your family and friends?

We are looking for people who might be interested in contributing stories about mental health and the labels that you have been given for our podcasts, as a part of our Funny Farm web site and forum. It could be funny, shocking, inspiring, or simply yours; tell us about the labels you have been confronted with in life, at work and/or in hospital; learn to record and create conversations online and meet people; share and listen to your own stories. Have a look at for inspiration. If interested, please contact Kathrin at CoolTan Arts on 020 77012696 or

CoolTan Arts Volunteer Blog:

We have a new blog created by volunteers outlining their experience and reasons for volunteering here at CoolTan Arts. Go to: for more information.

CoolTan Books:

Did you know CoolTan Arts has a publishing arm?
CoolTan Books is the newest UK publishing imprint: this year we’re putting out a poetry book and a cookbook.  Who knows what will come next!  You can read about these book projects at 


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