CoolTan Arts regularly get coverage in both local and national press. Have a look at our recent press articles below.

‘Now food is for more than consoling myself': Cooking for mental health for mental health

The Guardian, 2nd January 2015

CoolTan Arts Cooking Club in the Guardian Christmas Charity Appeal blog with a special recipe them and Rosemary Shrager.

Arts and activities centre liberates troubled minds

The Guardian, 6th December 2014

CoolTan Arts in the Guardian Christmas Charity Appeal. Article by Simon Hattenstone.

CoolTan Arts wins Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

Equilibrium Magazine, Summer 2014

Nice mention of our recent award.

Summer Solstice Midnight Walk

Metro, 20th June 2014

Our famous Midnight Walk is Pick of the Week for the Metro newspaper!

Queen’s Award South London Press

South London Press, 10th June 2014

CoolTan Arts scoops top award to recognise excellence in volunteering.

Guardian – Seven social care careers you may have not considered

The Guardian, 21st May 2014

CoolTan’s Karen Unrue is interviewed about her role.

Shuffling Through History

Disability Now, 3rd May 2014

The CoolTan Arts guided walk exploring the history of mental illness in south London is ideal for lovers of the past and people with mobility impairments, says Mike Shamash.

CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle @ Science Museum LATES launch

Disability Arts Online, 2nd May 2014

Wendy Young went to the launch of ‘CoolTan Arts Stays Up, LATES’, a collaborative book and DVD on mental health heritage, held at The Science Museum’s Dana Centre 
South Kensington

Womens Walk – South London Press

South London Press, 21st March 2014

Coverage of the Largactyl Shuffle Women’s Day Walk.

10 things to do under £10 this weekend

Stylist Magazine, 14th March 2014

First place recommendation for CoolTan’s Women’s Day Walk!

The New Inquiry

The New Inquiry, 16th December 2013

Laurie Penny on mental health and welfare cuts affecting CoolTan Arts and others.

Life After Richard

Big Issue Answers, 4th December 2013

Big Issue Answers talk to Michelle Baharier about the sad death of Richard Muzira.

CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle @ Science Museum LATES, “Robots: Friends of Foes?”

SLaM TWIG Ops, 2nd December 2013

A slideshow review of CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle ‘Robots’ Walk at Science Museum LATES.

Mental Health Charity Remembers Crispin Aubrey

Paperboat, 16th November 2013

Paperboat came together with CoolTan Arts to host a literary walk of South London dedicated to the memory of lifelong campaigner and journalist Crispin Aubrey.

Better Food Better Mood

Mental Health Practice Journal, Autumn 2013

Brief article on CoolTan Arts’ new Cooking Club.

CoolTan Arts wins Southwark Arts Forum ‘Celebrating Diversity’ Award

School for Social Entrepreneurs, 30th October 2013

CoolTan Arts was awarded the SAF ‘Celebrating Diversity’ Award that is presented to a project or programme that champions inclusion and promotes the artistic endeavour of those from different backgrounds.

Innovation Award for CoolTan Arts

My Health London, 29th October 2013

CoolTan Arts wins an ‘Innovation Award’ for its Mental Health Wellbeing Advisers Project.

Hope, health and happiness: new show at arts charity

The Social Issue, 18th October 2013

Coverage of Stayin’ Alive, CoolTan’s art exhibition for World Mental Health Day 2013.

Put Best Foot Forward

South London Press, 4th October 2013

Dulwich 10km for CoolTan Arts.

CoolTan Arts shortlisted for Guardian Charity Awards from 1300 entrants

Disability Arts Online, 25th September 2013

The Guardian released its  shortlist for the 2013 Charity Awards and from 1300 original entrants, CoolTan Arts  made the final stage alongside thirty other charities.

A Postcard to the World

Dulwich OnView, 26th July 2013

A review of CoolTan Arts exhibition at Canada Water Library.

A Postcard to the World: artwork inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Guardian Social Care Network, 25th July 2013

Artwork from participants in CoolTan Art’s ‘A Postcard to the World’ project.

CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle Summer Solstice Midnight Walk

Equilibrium, Summer 2013

A review of CoolTan’s successful Summer Solstice Largactyl Shuffle looking at Mad Buildings in the borough of Southwark.

Art Exhibition: A Postcard to the World

Living South, August 2013

Pick of the month for Living South’s art section!

A Postcard to the World

Illumaink, 29th July 2013

A review of CoolTan’s final ‘A Postcard to the World’ exhibition at Cananda Water Library.

CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle Summer Solstice Midnight Walk

Time Out, 18th June 2013

CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle in Timeout. Sadly Largactyl is not a species of large winged dinosaur..

A Funding Fog

Arts Professional, 11th April 2013

Explanation of personal budgets and the effect on CoolTan participants.

Films highlight the human cost of cutting personalised support

Disability News Service, 28th March 2013

CoolTan’s film showing on Personalisation at the BFI.

CoolTan Arts presents ‘Making it Happen’ at the BFI

Disability Arts Online, 29th March 2013

A review of CoolTan’s film screening at the BFI.

90 percent not granted mental health budget personal budgets says charity CEO

Civil Society, 26th March 2013

CoolTan’s film showing on Personalisation at the BFI.

Great expectations as great great granddaughter opens exhibition

Southwark News, 14th March 2013

Marion Dickens opens CoolTan’s final Dickens News exhibition.

Dickens’ outsiders revisited: charity’s new show
South London Press, 22 February 2013

CoolTan Arts unveils an exhibition celebrating the life and work of author Charles Dickens.

On the Record

Mental Health Today, Winter 2012

An interview with CoolTan participant Julius Xavier.

CoolTan Arts and Dickens
Equilibrium Magazine, Winter 2012-13
CoolTan Arts launches ‘The Ragshow Edition’, the third in a series of exhibitions on Charles Dickens.

Review: Together 2012: Open poetry workshop with CoolTan Arts
Disability Arts Online, December 2012

Richard Downes attends an open poetry workshop in the Garden Cafe with CoolTan Arts and find like minds and a sense of community.

Review: CoolTan Arts: The Winter Edition
Disability Arts Online, December 2012

‘The Winter Edition’, the second in a series of exhibitions exploring the life, work and heritage of Charles Dickens, is showing at Southwark Cathedral until 14 January 2013.

A Day in the Life

NSEAD, Autumn 2013

CoolTan Arts sends postcard to the world
Mental Health Today, 22 October 2012

A new exhibition from arts-in-mental-health charity CoolTan Arts illustrates the positive mental impact of  the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games on Londoners’ psyche.

Plaque unveiled to commemorate World Mental Health Day 2012 in Southwark
Care Industry News, 22 October 2012
Three Southwark Councillors joined CoolTan Arts participants and over 60 supporters in a walk to mark World Mental Health Day.

Dickensian Southwark
Living South, October 2012

Local charity CoolTan Arts is collaborating with Southwark News on a special project to celebrate the Charles Dickens bicentennial.

CoolTan Arts: Largactyl Shuffle
Equilibrium Magazine, Autumn 2012

CoolTan Arts celebrates World Mental Health Day and raises more than £5,000 on a sponsored walk for its workshops for people with mental distress

Making an exhibition of yourself
The Big Issue, Autumn 2012
A Big Issue vendor and vendor coordinator visits CoolTan Arts.

An insider’s guide to … exploring the arts sector for deaf and disabled jobseekers
Guardian Careers: Diversity Hub, 29 August 2012

How CoolTan Arts workshops help participants develop skills that might transfer to employment.

Team London Bridge and CoolTan Arts bring alternative fashion to our area
Team London Bridge, 11 June 2012

CoolTan Arts and Team London Bridge hold a ‘Rags, Tags and a Velvet Gown’ fashion show inspired by Charles Dickens’ experiences with mental distress.

CoolTan Arts: mindfully creative
Stir, June 2012

A profile of CoolTan Arts.

CoolTan unveils first public sculpture commission on Camberwell Green SE5, London
Reflections Art in Health, 24 May 2012

Sited on the North East corner of Camberwell Green, the sculptural bench is an important landmark for CoolTan Arts and for the local community.

This month we chat to CoolTan Arts!
Volunteer Centre Southwark, 21 May 2012

Volunteer Centre Southwark talks to CoolTan Arts.

Rosemary Schrager to appear on All Star Family Fortunes for CoolTan Arts
Reflections Art in Health, 16 April 2012

Celebrity chef and TV presenter Rosemary Schrager will compete in All Star Family Fortunes on 6 May to win a cash prize for CoolTan Arts.

Pictures of Mental Health
The Social Issue, 16 November 2011
Great article reviewing CoolTan Arts’ exhibition at Carnegie Library.

Comedian takes part in charity’s walk
Southwark News, 13 October 2011
Article about Arthur Smith’s involvement with CoolTan Arts’ recent and highly successful sponsored Largactyl Shuffle walk.

Get involved with CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle walks
Cascade, Summer 2011

Article about CoolTan Arts’ forthcoming Largactyl Shuffle sponsored walk for World Mental Health Day.

Creative ways of working in mental health
Open Mind, July/August 2011

“Incorporating creativity into mental health practice can be therapeutic both for mental health service users and providers” as Ian A McMillan discovers at CoolTan Arts.

Review from CoolTan Arts LGBT Largactyl Shuffle on 19 February 2011
“We gathered outside the Maudsley on a drizzly February morning. A diverse group of walkers, we were ready to sashay on a tour of Southwark and learn more about the borough, mental wellbeing, and LGBT history, local and otherwise.” By Zoe King

CoolTan Arts feature
Southwark Carers Newsletter, January / February 2011
An overview of CoolTan Arts activities and opportunities.

Featured artist – creating & connecting – SLaM
Poetry Express, Winter 2010
SLaM arts development manager Helen Shearn talks about her work at SLaM and CoolTan Arts, with photographs by CoolTan.

The town halls’ past as an asylum
Southwark News, 9 December 2010
Discover the history of some of Southwark’s historic buildings. By Emma Ailes

Ruby sparkles at CoolTan Arts
A crowd of good 50 people made it to CoolTan Arts on Saturday 2nd October – Ruby Wax and Judith Owen performed a fantastic premiere of the rewrite of their latest show ‘Losing It’ at CoolTan Arts.

“In the space of an hour-and-a-bit, I laughed more than I have over the last couple of months. Far from being the intimidating characters that I’d imagined, Ruby and Judith made me and my companions feel like we were on the same level as them, giving a warm, empathetic and insightful view into their experiences. An evening of bittersweet comedy, with a serious message behind it, the show seemed to resonate with many of our own lives. Laughter being the best medicine, I’m tempted to suggest that ‘Losing It’ should be available on prescription from all good GPs.” (Zoe King).

Service cuts ‘could push mental health patients into crisis’
South London Press, 29 October 2010

Introduction to CoolTan Arts in CBT Today
CBT Today, September 2010
CBT Today arts correspondent Patricia Murphy invited CoolTan Arts to talk about their work.

CoolTan Arts and Creekside Artists Review
A review of the evening at the Seven Dials club, by Molly Doyle

CoolTan Arts and Creekside Artists at the Alternative Fringe review
A review of the evening at the Seven Dials club, by Tessa Ditner

Creekside Artists and CoolTan Arts Poets review
A review of the evening at the Seven Dials club, by Martin Walsh

Voicebox Self Advocacy Skills Training
Voicebox, July 2010
Voicebox Magazine ran an article about CoolTan Arts’ self advocacy training.

South London Press Our Heroes Awards 2010
South London Press, 27 July 2010
CoolTan Arts has been nominated for a Community Project award for South London Press local heroes awards. Read this article that describes CoolTan Arts’ work and how we help people.

Largactyl Shuffle in Community Action Southwark Magazine
Cascade Summer 2010
This article is from Cascade, a magazine published by Community Action Southwark, It discusses the work of CoolTan Arts and how it is helping people discover London, through their midnight walk and monthly walks. This is great news for those who work at CoolTan Arts and those who participate in the daily workshops within CoolTan. Please feel free to read and download this article and hopefully we will see you at a workshop or a sponsored walk. You can find more information about all walks and workshops at CoolTan’s website.

COMMA BUT NOT A CLOSED ONE Amita Patel obituary
CoolTan Arts joins with many others to extended its condolences to Amita’s family, and to highlight Amita’s inspiring work.
Debjanee Chatterjee MBE, has gifted CoolTan Arts as well as other organisations her kind permissions to re-print the obituary in the link highlighted.

CoolTan Arts – enhancing well-being through the power of creativity
Mental Health and Social Inclusion, May 2010
‘This article is a profile of CoolTan Arts, a pioneering arts and mental health charity based in South London that believes mental well-being is enhanced by the power of creativity.’

‘Twisted’ Fashion
Southwark News, 29 April 2010
‘A Walworth charity has promised to give fashion designer Vivienne Westwood a run for her money as they take part in Alternative Fashion week.’

The Largactyl Shuffle film review

Mental Health Today, March 2010
‘CoolTan Arts, a London based organisation promoting mental wellbeing, is making a name for itself.’

CoolTan Arts premiers three films at the British Film Institute
Disability Arts Online, 22 February 2010
‘CoolTan Arts, the London-based arts project working with mental health service users, launched three new film projects at the British Film Institute on 8 February, 2010.’

Largactyl Shuffle, BFI Southbank, Feb 8
South London Press, 5 February 2010
‘CoolTan Arts the Walworth based charity that seeks to alleviate mental distress by encouraging sufferers to alleviate their creativity, is releasing a film about one of its flagship projects.’

On the Record
Mental Health Today, December 2009
‘Looking at ordinary people’s tales of living with their mental illness.’

Do the Largactyl Shuffle
Community Care, October 2009

‘Mark Drinkwater joins CoolTan Arts on a mental health themed amble through south London. Join the walk this Saturday on World Mental Health Day.’

The Asylum Seeker
Time Out, 12-18 March 2009

‘The Largactyl Shuffle is a stroll through Southwark with a difference – tracing the area’s colourful history and ongoing relationship with mental illness.’

Walk Tall
Living South Magazine, March 2009
‘Living South discovers the local community while soaking up some quirky history with wellbeing walks by Walworth charity CoolTan Arts.’

Walk the Walk of Southwark Pride
Disability Now, February 2009
‘Mental health and the past walk hand in hand as Kelly Mullan takes a toddle through the history of histrionics in south London’

What a Difference a World Mental Health Day Makes
Guardian Society, 3 October 2007
Clare Allan writes, ‘Like siblings in a huge and impoverished family, non-statutory organisations, charities and other voluntary groups face a constant battle for survival.’

The Summer Solstice Largactyl Shuffle: From Madhouse to Modern Psychiatric Hospital
Mental Health Practice
‘A guided walk from Tate Modern at Bankside to the Maudsley Hospital in Camberwell, June 20′

Women with Mental Distress get Creative
Women in Prison
‘We present our favourite images from Women Make Art, an exhibition held at CoolTan gallery in London earlier this year.’

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