Personalisation Project

Personalisation Filmmaking and Podcasting Project ‘Making it Happen’

During 2011 CoolTan participants produced both film and audio podcasts about the new personalisation process.
The idea behind the project was to let CoolTan participants explore the process involved in accessing a personal budget, something that many of them will now need to go through to access support.
The need for this kind of a project came from our participants who felt that the new process is overly complex and that they are currently excluded from the decision making process. We ran a series of different workshops during this period giving the participants a chance to express their views creatively and learn new skills in animation, video editing, audio recording and podcasting.
In 2013 we showed three of the original films made by CoolTan Arts’ participants at the BFI . These films explored the impact of the personalisation process, using words, filmmaking and animation.

Personalisation song – A Song about Personalisation made by CoolTan participant and singer/songwriter Julius Xavier.

Personalisation, isolation & the end of the day centres – A CoolTan Arts participant interviews Lynne Clayton, co-chair of Southwark Mind at the Personalisation Event on June 23rd 2011, Southwark.

Personalisation: Traditionally more excluded types of disabled people – Adrian Whyatt – former trustee at the Royal Association for Disability Rights (RADAR) and former Chair, Greater London Action on Disability (GLAD) – interviews Jon Newton, head of Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment for Southwark Council about traditionally more excluded types of disabled people (e.g. those with autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, attenion (deficit) hyperactivity disorder (a(d)hd) and brain injury survivors. At the Personalisation Event June 23rd 2011, Southwark.

Personalisation – The new word in social care – A CoolTan Arts interview with CoolTan poet and long term participant Peter Cox, made by podcaster Stefan Finnis.

Personalisation Invite BFI

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