‘What Doesn CoolTan Mean To You?’ Postcard campaign

#GivingTuesday, led in the UK by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), took place on Tuesday 29th November this year, following the huge retail sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The campaign offers an alternative to the shopping frenzy and encourages people to do good stuff for the charities and causes they care about.

CoolTan was one of the charities you could support on Giving Tuesday. For the occasion, we asked participants and volunteers to write or draw What CoolTan Means To You on a postcard.

Below are some of the results!

The CoolTan Poets At The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre On Southbank, London

The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre annually have an event called Winter Concert. The last few years this event has become very popular.

The participants in this Event are by Invitation only. A number of schools in London and a few selected private music promotional groups participate in this event.

Each organisation presents a short musical or artistic programme. The total concert is about one hour in the first week of December.

Two years ago the CoolTan Arts was invited to present a poetry reading on the theme of London. And the CoolTan presented a poetry Collage on War time London called “Southwark Calling”. It … Read More »

Four Fab Ways to Spend Your Black History Month

As the colder, darker mornings start to appear, we think it’s late enough in the month to start looking forward to October, and one thing we love about autumnal October is Black History Month. CoolTan Arts have some great workshops and events lined up for the occasion, and we’re excited for a few others too. Here’s a little info on what we’ve got to offer next month and some great places to visit alongside us:

Black History Month: Celebration of Creativity

Tuesday 4th October – Friday 28th October 2016

Centering around an exhibition that will be running from the 4th to 28th October, … Read More »

Review: Kew Gardens trip

CoolTan Arts have good relation with numerous organisations and landmark institutions in the city of London. The founding aim of the CoolTan is to serve those who suffer from the mental health issues. All those who live in a city like London develop over the years various mental health issues.  But only a few recognise them and seek help from the professional bodies.

Going to the place like the Kew Garden on an annual visit does give a boost to the health of all people and take the weight off from the usual aches and pains and wages of the issues that provoke mental illness. CoolTan Arts’ … Read More »