CoolTan Arts and the Bath Student Musicals Society

CoolTan Arts has been chosen by The Bath University Student Musicals Society to be the charity beneficiary of a show tackling themes of mental health and recovery this June.

The musicals society will be performing their new jukebox musical, entitled ‘The Ballads of Me and My Friends’ at the Bath Fringe Festival on 9th and 10th June. It follows the life and times of musicians, artists and other failed 21st century bohemians trying to make it in contemporary London. Taking inspiration from Frank Turner’s lyrics and live shows, the performance weaves together gig and theatre on stage in the Edge.

The mental … Read More »

Factory Line

Oh to be a Bee

In and out of flowers

Dodging trees

Chasing shadows

On the breeze.

Loving rays of sun

Shining down

Keeping busy pollinating

As nature’s ambassadors

Of life’s production line.


By Charlie Browne

Building a Social Enterprise at CoolTan Arts

Last summer, CoolTan Arts were lucky enough to have been invited to take part in an exciting digital learning research initiative in partnership with Tavistock Institute of Human Relations here in the UK, as well as in collaboration with an EU-wide consortium of research partners based in Italy, Spain, Belgium & Sweden.

The aim of the project was to develop an online educational interactive Role-Playing Game called Social PlaNet, for adults with previous experience of unemployment, so that they could learn about Social Enterprise – by playing the roles of Social Entrepreneurs as part of a collaborative virtual team. This was … Read More »

Nocturnes Wonder: join us for a moonlit musical journey

Nocturnes Wonder is a project conceived and produced by composer Isa Suarez in partnership with CoolTan Arts and with support from Camberwell Arts and Arts Council England.

Launching at Camberwell Arts Festival 2017 (10-18 June), Nocturnes Wonder is an open invitation to join us on a musical journey that runs through the night.

Image by Nomi©2017

Nocturnes Wonder is a suite of downloadable musical movements produced by composer Isa Suarez about how music can affect our mind, heartbeat and wellbeing.

Combining beatboxing, choral voices, electronic music and orchestral arrangements, Nocturnes Wonder draws out the ways music can affect and reflect our … Read More »