Review: Loving Vincent

Recently a group of CoolTan Arts members went to see Loving Vincent, the first fully painted feature film. Tickets were very kindly provided by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, which is on The Mall just off Trafalgar Square. Here one of CoolTan’s volunteers, Mel, reviews the film: 

Van Gogh’s paintings and the visual reproductions were breathtakingly beautiful.   I also thought the narrative may have been based on actual statements made at the time of his death.  The film discussed different perspectives on whether his death was suicide, a crime or a plain mystery, which was quite gripping. The cinema was nearly full, very quiet and no one left before the film ended. The only thing I didn’t like was the mockney voice of the postman’s son.

I definitely think Vincent is worth viewing because it is visually stunning, informative (I googled Van Gogh’s life afterwards and much was accurate) and very interesting.

With thanks to the ICA for providing the tickets

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