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CoolTan Arts- Fashion Show 2012   

CoolTan Arts presented their latest fashion collection “Rags Tags and a Velvet Gown” which included textile and batik work and items inspired by Dickens and Victorian dress. The collection was shown at The Alternative Fashion Week 2012 and later on in the atmospheric railway arches of Cable Club for the local business community thanks to the support of Team London Bridge who kindly provided the venue.

CoolTan Arts at Alternative Fashion week 2012

CoolTan Arts took part in the Alternative Fashion week for the third time  with the “Rags Tags and a Velvet Gown” collection inspired by Dickens and Victorian dress, with unique, handmade, up-cycled, batiked and bedazzled garments.
The mystery and hidden history of a Dickensian ‘rag shop’ was swept up by a modern whirlwind, and transformed into an array of beautiful draped and shaped garments for women of all shapes, sizes and imaginations.
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‘Rags, Tags and a Velvet Gown’ Collection at Cable

Team London Bridge and CoolTan Arts produced the “Rags Tags and a Velvet Gown” fashion show for the local London Bridge business community.The show’s theme was a celebration of Dickens’ bicentennial and heavily drew from his reported experiences with mental distress.
The first half of the show featured the batik collection, which mixed classic styles of long, black dresses, frocks and trousers with vibrant batik printed accents. The designers, all users of CoolTan Arts, were trained in the traditional batik wax method to create the fabric accents.
The second half of the show was inspired by Dickens characters and each garment was accompanied by a poem that was written and read by CoolTan Arts members specifically for the works. The finale piece was Miss Havisham’s wedding dress, a show stopping look comprised of a plethora of different fabric pieces including dyed gray lace, jewels and a head to toe veil.
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CoolTan Arts- Fashion Show Highlights 2012


CoolTan Arts- Fashion Show 2010   

‘Twisted Tartan’

CoolTan Arts at the Alternative Fashion week 2010

Alternative Fashion Week is run by Alternative Arts, a publicly funded arts organization presenting fashion as an exciting and original art form and supporting fresh talent by producing and directing Alternative Fashion Week at no charge to the designers.
CoolTan Arts graced the catwalk at the Alternative Fashion Show 2010 on a promising and sun kissed afternoon, celebrating the alternative and debuting their latest collection, Twisted Tartan.
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CoolTan Arts- Fashion Show  Highlights 2010


CoolTan Arts- Fashion Show 2009

‘The Credit-Crunch meets Couture’, ‘Make Do and Mend’  

CoolTan Arts at the Alternative Fashion week 2009

 After the success of CoolTan’s appearance at all the Alternative Fashion Show, CoolTan Arts presented a new show called : ‘The Credit-Crunch meets Couture’, ‘Make Do and Mend’.This catwalk show was a new collection of customised clothes, silks and fluttering lengths of fabric for the boudoir and body.CoolTan Arts’ textiles department was standing up and boldly claiming that you can still look chi-chi without breaking the bank.
Lydia Honeybone, Batik and Textiles Tutor at CoolTan Arts says: “This is a fantastic opportunity for CoolTan. My students and I are overjoyed to be taking part in such an adventurous project, we have some inspired surprises up our delicately batiked sleeves.”
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