Volunteer of the Month: Noah

Noah started volunteering in the Marketing group and then became part of the Events group. He is always going the extra mile, helping to hang exhibitions and volunteer at events, and even tidying the store room! Thank you, Noah!

  1. What made you decide to start volunteering here? I decided to start volunteering at CoolTan because I appreciated the mission of the organisation after doing some online research. I also wanted to have some experience working with a nonprofit group to see if I enjoyed it, and I certainly do!


  1. What is an average day like volunteering at CoolTan? An average day at CoolTan depends on which volunteering session I’m attending– with Events and Exhibitions we plan upcoming excursions and shows of participants’ artwork, and in Marketing I tend to be scheduling social media updates on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. What has been the best thing about volunteering with us? The best thing about volunteering is the people of course! Everyone is very friendly, and the atmosphere is always relaxed and informal. It is interesting to hear stories that everyone tells about how they got involved in CoolTan and what sort of experiences they’ve had.


  1. What are your future plans? I’m planning on pursuing a PhD next year in history of art (which might hopefully deal with art as a therapeutic activity), and I’m interested in a future in academia. But we will have to wait and see!
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