Nocturnes Wonder: join us for a moonlit musical journey

Nocturnes Wonder is a project conceived and produced by composer Isa Suarez in partnership with CoolTan Arts and with support from Camberwell Arts and Arts Council England.

Launching at Camberwell Arts Festival 2017 (10-18 June), Nocturnes Wonder is an open invitation to join us on a musical journey that runs through the night.

Image by Nomi©2017

Nocturnes Wonder is a suite of downloadable musical movements produced by composer Isa Suarez about how music can affect our mind, heartbeat and wellbeing.

Combining beatboxing, choral voices, electronic music and orchestral arrangements, Nocturnes Wonder draws out the ways music can affect and reflect our perceptions of reality. Fluctuations in rhythm and melody create shifting sequences, playfully detonating mood changes, adrenaline rushes or the anticipation of wellbeing.

Nocturnes Wonder features UK female beatboxer KimmyBeatbox, The Camberwell Community Choir and CoolTan Arts members’ voices.


Experience Nocturnes Wonder at…

Camberwell Arts Festival, 10-18th June

You can enjoy Nocturnes Wonder at night wherever you are in the world, or take part in a summer’s evening walk in Camberwell on Tuesday 13th June from 9:00pm to 10:15pm. The circular walk will start at St. Giles’ Church on Camberwell Church Street and end at the Peckham House Lunatic Asylum. This local history walk is devised by experienced CoolTan Art’s volunteers and features tales of lunacy, madness and art which will be brought to life by listening to the Nocturnes Wonder musical pieces.

More info on Camberwell Arts Festival events can be found here.

CoolTan Arts Midnight Walk: Lunar Largactyl Shuffle, 24th– 25th June

Celebrate the summer solstice and enjoy Nocturnes Wonder as part of CoolTan’s free Midnight Walk: Lunar Largactyl on 24th-25th June.  Join us to walk through the moonlit night and discover South London’s history of lunacy with experienced local guides and soundscape art. This annual night walk devised by CoolTan volunteers will begin at the Tate Modern at 11:30pm and end at sunrise in Camberwell, and will feature a musical interlude of Nocturnes Wonder.

For details and to book your place on Midnight Walk, Lunar Largactyl Shuffle, click here.

Nocturnes Wonder will be downloadable on 10th June from a webpage and by scanning a QR code onto your mobile phone. Web link coming soon!

About Isa Suarez

Isa Suarez is an award-winning composer originating from the Basque Country and is based in London/Camberwell. Trained as a classical musician (piano, Le Conservatoire), Suarez is a composer, songwriter and singer. Inspired by her interest in human rights and community engagement, Suarez has created a number of large scale projects over the last decade that explore these subjects through performance, music and lyrics.  More info can be found here:;


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