Nocturnes Wonder

Launched at Camberwell Arts Festival 2017, Nocturnes Wonder is a moonlit musical journey you can experience anywhere in the world, created with CoolTan Arts. Until July 2018, you can download Nocturnes Wonder here for free:

 Download Nocturnes Wonder

Image by Nomi©2017

Nocturnes Wonder is a suite of downloadable musical movements produced by composer Isa Suarez about how music can affect our mind, heartbeat and wellbeing. It features UK female beatboxer KimmyBeatbox, The Camberwell Community Choir and CoolTan Arts members’ voices.

Creating Nocturnes Wonder with CoolTan Arts

Female beatboxer Kimmy Beatbox held a workshop for CoolTan participants earlier in the year, to come up with tunes and rhythms for the sound installation project Nocturnes Wonder. In the video below you can see CoolTan poet and artist Aaron Pilgrim brainstorming some brilliant lyrics about the Moonlight:

Launch at Camberwell Arts Festival

Launched at the Camberwell Arts Festival on Tuesday 13th June 2017, on a moonlit walk, participants downloaded Nocturnes Wonder onto their phones or mp3 players, and listened to it as they walked. The circular walk started at St. Giles’ Church on Camberwell Church Street and ended at the Peckham House Lunatic Asylum. It was devised by experienced CoolTan Art’s volunteers and featured tales of lunacy, madness and art, brought to life by listening to the Nocturnes Wonder musical pieces.

CoolTan Volunteer Jeff Crownson came on the walk and made his own video interpretation of the experience, featuring an extract from the Nocturnes Wonder piece:

The group of walkers on the night commented: “Brilliant! Inspiration about myself; who I am; where I’m at on this journey”, “Happy, Healthy, excited to see new places in my local community” and “Felt a sense of well being enjoying the environment”.

You can now download and enjoy Nocturnes Wonder at night wherever you are in the world: while travelling, walking in a forest or street or relaxing at home.

Nocturnes Wonder is a project conceived and produced by Isa Suarez in partnership with CoolTan Arts and Camberwell Arts and with public funding from Arts Council England.

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