Exciting new project – Van Gogh Walks

Help plan and lead guided walks inspired by artist Vincent Van Gogh! 
Van Gogh copy
A CoolTan and Artangel Collaboration

Meet every Wednesday 11am – 2pm at CoolTan Arts, Third Floor, 224-236 Walworth Road, SE17 1JE.

February – Late April 2014 – Join at any point!

Facilitated by ARTIST R.M. Sánchez-Camus
These walks will use as a source of inspiration the Victorian row house situated at 87 Hackford Road where Vincent Van Gogh resided in 1873 whilst in London.
In the workshops we will explore letters written by Van Gogh about his experience here in London and also consider what it would have been like to see this city through his eyes, allegedly suffering from epilepsy, bi-polar disorder and delusions.
We will explore walking around the area, passing Van Gogh’s former residence and invite people on to a new journey of discovery. This will be a one-to-one performance, in which one audience members walks on a narrated journey, which they can hear over headphones.
We will work together on the narrative through interactive workshops that explore our own stories in connection to Van Gogh’s. As we learn about him we can learn about ourselves and share this in a special public walk.
Workshops are free and are open to people with mental distress (self defined).
For more info or to sign up call 020 7701 2696 or email emmathatcher@cooltanarts.org.uk

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