How to make a Worry doll!

What is a worry doll?

Worry dolls (also named trouble dolls; Spanish Muñeca quitapena) are small, mostly hand-made dolls that originate from Guatemala and are also found in Mexico.

In the dolls’ original Guatemalan tradition, a local legend about the origin of the Muñeca quitapena refers to a Mayan princess named Ixmucane. The princess received a special gift from the sun god which would allow her to solve any problem a human could worry about.

Today, worry dolls are sold in huge quantity in Guatemala and Mexico. Nuns and poor children sell them to tourists as souvenirs. The dolls are quite popular since they are so small and thus easy to carry around.








How to make a worry doll

Step 1 – Take a pipe cleaner and cut into two halves.

Step 2 – Bend the first piece around your finger and twist at the bottom. This will be the head.

Step 3 – Bend the second piece in the middle. This will be the legs.

Step 4 – Take the legs and loop them through the head, then twist to fasten them together

Step 5 – Cut a piece of fabric, and make a small hole or cut in the middle of it for the head to go through.

Step 6 – Get some ribbon and tie it at the front or back to secure the dress to the body


Step 7 – To make the hair, cut about half a metre of wool, then fold into four pieces. Cut the loops at the side.

Step 8 – Fold the hair in half again, and thread the loop through the head. Pull the other ends of the wool through the loop and tighten.















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