VIDEO: What Do Participants Think Of Our New Home?

In the summer of 2017, CoolTan Arts moved from 224-236 Walworth Road into the former site of the Newington Library, at 155 Walworth Road.

CoolTan’s new home is a buzzing artists’ hub of activity, as the beautiful Grade II listed building is shared with South London’s independent art school, The Art Academy.

The front of the building houses a large gallery space, which is open for community use. Art Angel was the first organisation to use the space, with their production of “Natural Selection”, an exhibition by contemporary artist Andy Holden. The show received rave reviews, including from the Guardian, who declared it “a project that deserves repeat visits”. In response, the installation was extended for another three weeks. We are very pleased to announce that we will be running a number of shows, exhibitions and events in the gallery during the year ahead.

Now that CoolTan is visible on the high street, we are receiving much more interest from the local community and new visitors, wanting to engage in what we do. With this increasing demand, we are opening more workshops in January and further courses and projects starting in spring 2018. Check out our website for more details, or come along to one of our monthly Open Afternoons to find out more.

Here is what some of our participants think about CoolTan Arts’ new home:

“It’s got character, it’s already got attention because it’s the old library and everyone knows it. This looks good from the outside as well as being nice inside.”

“It’s very nice. I love the red bricks from the outside etc. Lovely and light, which is ideal. Lovely big, huge windows. It is fantastic that they have been able to move here.”

“It’s really fascinating being here. I used to come here out of the rain some days and go up into the reference library. I think it fits very well, especially with the art gallery next door and the space.”

“It’s a really beautiful building. People can see CoolTan out on the street and they might wonder what is going on there and then maybe come and check out some of the stuff.”

“It works really well with what we do. It’s very light and spacious and airy and it has history and you can feel it. It’s got good vibes. It’s a good place for us. It’s ground floor. We’re very visible here. It raises awareness of what we do.”

“It’s very striking. It’s got a sort of Victorian look about it. The building offers a lot of possibilities.”

“It’s very nice. It’s nice and bright. Very tall ceiling. I do like it a lot. I feel like positive about it. I wish all the best to CoolTan for a long life, a long long life to CoolTan. The building will help, definitely.”

“It’s a very welcoming space. It’s a very grand space. It’s a lovely place. Week by week it’s feeling a little bit more like home – which is what CoolTan is for many people.”

Watch the video above to see what the new home looks like!

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