Peter’s Corner: Poem- August 26 2007, Depression on a Sunny Day


I’d lost a long-time job, which proved quite hard to bear.

The mornings were the worst, with moods of near-despair.

A brilliant August day. A Sunday. Mood – not best,

but could have been much worse. Deep down I felt depressed.


Kew Gardens – walked about, and such a sunny day.

If only there had been a cloudier sky with grey.cooltan peter's corner blog

It helped me when I saw a label on a tree.

I liked a light large lounge in which I had some tea.


I’d seen the Palace too. A King and Queen stayed here.

An unused room upstairs – or so it did appear.

And later on I had an evening outdoor swim.

I weighed a lot less then. A tall man, still not slim.


I felt as though abroad if only for a while.

Still bright. Swum round the pool. Perhaps for half a mile.

with really quite a lot of zest

although deep down, depressed.


I’d seen that empty upstairs room,

and felt a sense of doom.

No tables, chairs or pictures there.cooltan peter's corner blog

All absolutely bare.


A room with just a wooden floor.

I don’t recall a door.

A quite unvarnished wooden floor,

and nothing, nothing more.


Peter Cox (written 2008, revised Sep 2017).

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1 comment for “Peter’s Corner: Poem- August 26 2007, Depression on a Sunny Day

  1. Sue
    May 16, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Hi Peter,

    What a lovely blog page you have! I loved the Kew Gardens poem and your pictures of Kew. Also it’s a very good picture of you with your information which made me laugh – and it is still making me laugh!


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