Peter’s Corner: Party for One & Expect the Unexpected

  1. Party for One

(Inspired by a crossword clue which is the first line)

A  “Am I a bit peculiar? Will no-one else be there?”


B  “You’re odd and creepy, people think. And this they cannot bear.

Don’t buy a load of alcohol. No party will there be.

You booked a hall. It’s all yours now, for quite a modest fee.


I’d have a party just for one. I would, I really would.

Phone up for pizza. Drink red wine. Some Stilton might be good.

Remember to behave quite well, and not go raving mad.

But put on music. Have some fun. There’s no need to be sad.


Takes two to tango, sometimes three- undoubtedly it does

But why not boogie on your own? That could cause quite a buzz.

Don’t dance the tango, quick step, waltz. The word here is beware.

It could seem quite peculiar if no-one else were there..


  1. Expect the Unexpected 


Expect the unexpected, and-  know all that can’t be known.

Reach all that is quite out of reach, and socialise alone.


Play pianos which do not have keys, play fiddles with no strings.

Or be a man who, bound and gagged, still jumps around and sings,


or has no money though he pays, and sleeps while wide awake.

It’s not your birthday, so expect an unexpected cake.


By Peter Cox, June 2017

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  1. September 20, 2017 at 1:48 am

    Congratz Every one! Good Work!

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