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I'm an "A-PIEDI-PHILE". Wossat? you're asking. It's someone who's legged it ("a-piedi") solo round some of the remotest areas of Sicily for nearly two decades and is still alive to tell the tale. It's worse. I'm thinking of prosecuting that brain dead slob Marlon "Corleone" Brando for failing on the job. He must be stuffing his chops with the wrong band of cotton wool. Respect? Bah! So what has happened to the Sicilian Mafia? Why have they missed such rich pickings? Have they got their grimy hands on ancient mother nature? "CLICK...CLICK...CLICK" to find out. But be warned - you could end up in a Violin Case. Pistacchio Pistacchio wherefore art thou Pistacchio?

Ian Cameron. 2004.

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