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cooltradeshopWe have a unique collection of books, cards and textile products for sale, creatively designed by CoolTan Arts participants and produced to a very high quality. All money from the sales will enable CoolTan Arts to support more people.
Have a look at some of our great products below. All of these and many more are available to buy in our new online shop:

Food for Mood
CoolTan Books, price £9.99

food_for_moodA uniquely creative cookbook from CoolTan Arts, which will inspire you to cook and eat well – whatever your mood!
Serving up recipes and stories that reflect heritages from all over the globe, FOOD FOR MOOD has something for everyone, from warming Eritrean stew to nourishing Turkish salad, from spicy pepe soup to fajitas, moussaka and real Moroccan couscous. There are raw juices, sweet treats, foods for a picnic and easy one-pot recipes.
Whether we’re after a complex meal or a simple snack, food is a way to take care of ourselves and others, to express ourselves imaginatively, and to evoke old memories or cook up new ones.
Out now! Food for Mood is available from amazon. You can also purchase a copy directly from CoolTan Arts. Contact or phone 020 77012696.

Diagnosis: Hysteria? Prescription: Hysteria!

Poems by the Women of CoolTan Arts
CoolTan Books, price £5.99

hysteriaDiagnosis Hysteria? Prescription: Hysteria! is an anthology of poems by the participants of the CoolTan Arts Women’s Poetry Group and some of the female staff and volunteers who work there.
These are poems not only about mental distress, but about love and loss, the power of the natural world, being a woman, everyday joys and woes, the beauty of language … They experiment with form and style, finding new voices with which to express old feelings, or forging a unique poetic voice for the artist.
Out now! Drop in and buy one or order your copy by contacting or phone 020 77012696

by the CoolTan Poets
CoolTan Books 2010, price £5.99

IMG-Anthropology-Cover-0-250wAnthropology is an anthology of poetry by members of the poetry group at CoolTan Arts. The book encompasses a huge range of sentiments and styles, from flights of fancy to political rant, from rhyming quatrains to shards of meaning, through haiku, free verse and lyric. This is very much poetry for poetry’s sake, and there’s something for every taste.
While mental distress is explicitly addressed in some of the works, it’s by no means the overriding concern: there are poems about family love and romantic love, meditations on nature, satires on current affairs and storytelling, pure and simple.
… a book of brilliant growling poems, dandified wild work … funny, witty, moving, political, sassy, wise – Ali Smith
Anthropology is available from amazon. You can also purchase a copy directly from CoolTan Arts. Contact or phone 020 77012696.
A Postcard to the World
CoolTan Books, price £7.50
A beautiful collection of 14 original postcards, created for our A Postcard to the World mail art
Participating artists celebrated the spirit of London 2012 and explored what the Olympics and Paralympics meant to them.
in terms of its proximity to their daily lives and their resulting emotional and behavioural responses to the event.
Out now! Drop in and buy one or order your copy by contacting or phone 020 77012696
rucksackCoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle Accessories
Brighten a loved one’s day with a CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle rucksack or hi-vis vest. Be safe, be seen while walking or cycling.
Rucksacks – £20
Hi-vis vests – £15
Drop in and buy one today!

Dickens News Merchandise
Original screen-printed designs from our Dickens News Project!

Dickens merchandise 016 Dickens merchandise 009 Tote Bags – £5.00
Dickens merchandise 028 Tea Towels £6.00
Dickens merchandise 024 Aprons £10.00
Also available: Victorian Limited Edition Recipe Books £2.50
All gifts are available from CoolTan Arts and can be mail-ordered.

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