A Big Thank You to Samuel Potts and Rosemary Shrager

We’d like to thank artist Samuel Potts and our patron Rosemary Shrager for agreeing to donate the proceeds of a painting sale to CoolTan Arts.
Rosemary Shrager by Samuel Potts
Samuel’s exhibition, Faces of Yorkshire, will run from the 1st- 31st August 2012 at Victor J’s Art Bar in York. The exhibition features portraits of the county’s leading lights and includes a picture of Rosemary. Profits from sales of the works will be donated to a mix of charities chosen by the sitters, including CoolTan Arts.
Samuel said, ‘Today’s world is such that often we spend time confusing ourselves by focusing on things which we believe we must have in order to obtain happiness.  Perhaps the reason so many of us feel insecure, dislocated and unhappy is because we have become totally focused on wealth and acquisition as a means to contentment.
I personally believe that our brains are not meant to be conditioned in this way.  They are designed for creative use and so often we ignore this fact at our peril.
It is a real pleasure to try and help a charity which embraces creation, interaction and working through personal problems, perhaps creating great art along the way!’

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