Self Advocacy

What is Self-Advocacy?

Self Advocacy Training is intended for individuals with mental distress. The Training is designed to help people who need to develop self confidence, skills, awareness and knowledge about services available to them e.g. Debt Management, Self Esteem and Mental health Act, and more. It is free for everyone regardless of whether they have a personal budget. If the individual is with a CMHT then we require that the Care Coordinator fills in a referral form and sends it to Karen Unrue

Get yourself heard, listened to, and your views acted upon!
Places are still available – core training places are free and available for people from across London, and beyond! Please contact us as there is no fixed joining date, we’ll advise on the most appropriate date to take up the training.

CoolTan ArtsSelf-Advocacy Skills Training 

April 2014


29th Why train in Self Advocacy? What are the Benefits? 2pm-4pm                                   For people who are new to SA
Self Advocacy Training is for anyone experiencing forms of mental distress and would like to develop self confidence, assertiveness skills, awareness and knowledge about services available to them, including debt management, housing benefits and the Mental Health Act. This is an introduction to what you can expect from attending SA training.

May 2014

    How to Speak Up with Confidence   11am-1pmCoolTan Arts
We will look at how to counter those barriers that can stop you speaking up as confidently as you would like to,  and why it’s often not about what you say, but how you feel about it, that can make all the difference.

    Assertiveness Development     2pm-4pm
Neither passive nor aggressive, being assertive is about communicating what you really want to. We will help you think about how to develop your communication skills so you can feel able to articulate yourself in a more balanced way.

    Panic Attacks with Karen Unrue   11am-1pm
Join CoolTan Arts’ highly knowledgeable and passionate Karen Unrue for an informative and accessible look at why anyone can suffer panic attacks, what you can do to help prevent them, and what to do when they do happen.

    What Services Are Free For You To Access? What Are You Entitled To? Understanding Personalisation   11am-1pm
Did you know that personalisation means you are entitled to a personal budget? Whether you did or didn’t already know, come to learn more about Personalisation, how it impacts you and how to find out about what you are entitled to.
    Guest Speaker (watch this space!) 11am-1pm
Check the website for info or simply turn up and be surprised. Past talks have included how to save on energy bills, campaigning and understanding the Mental Health Act.
    Understanding How Medicines Work with Kalliopi Vallianatou 2pm-4pm
Want to understand what you are taking, why it’s been prescribed and how it affects you? Kalliopi will be here to clear up misconceptions, offer a guide to popularly prescribed drugs and answer your queries about what to do if you are unhappy with your medication.

Additional training dates may be added, please check the website for possible changes.

All workshops are based at CoolTan Arts unless specified. Please check in advance with us – thank you.

For more information please contact: Michelle Savioz Advocacy Training Coordinator

Or Sunil Chauhan
Self Advocacy Project Administrator

tel: 020 7701 2696
mobile: 0798 565 8443

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