Patrons of CoolTan Arts

CoolTan Arts is delighted to have a number of distinguished patrons supporting our work. If you are interested in becoming a Patron of CoolTan Arts please get in touch to find to out more.

Rosemary Schrager

CoolTRosemary Shrager - CoolTan Patronan Arts would like to welcome TV chef Rosemary Schrager and thank her for her support of our ‘Food for Mood’ cookbook project and the Largactyl Shuffle sponsored walk. Rosemary says “The reason I support CoolTan is because it gives people with mental distress a chance to express themselves and everyone needs an outlet. CoolTan helps people increase their confidence, move on in life and achieve their full potential through creating wonderful art.”

Arthur Smith
Arthur Smith - CoolTan Patron

Internationally renowned comedian, playwright, author and broadcaster Arthur Smith joined us on our Sponsored Walk in October 2011.

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