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Staff and Tutors at CoolTan Arts

CoolTan Arts has a committed team of experienced staff and qualified tutors. Find out more about who we are and what we do below!

CoolTan SpiralTom McCabe
Operations Director (Interim)

T: 020 7701 2696
E: tom@cooltanarts.org.uk
Experienced & versatile management professional with a background in International arts development, programming, production, and entertainment media. Tom brings past experience of working in factual documentary film making across a wide range of performing/visual arts, history, architecture/building, science and technology. A creative business development consultant working in various settings and locations around the world. Effectively delivering successful projects in highly demanding situations.

Lu Firth
Volunteer Coordinator & Largactyl Shuffle Walks Coordinator & Textiles Tutor
E: volunteering@cooltanarts.org.uk / lucooltanarts@gmail.com
I have taught textiles and batik for many years at CoolTan Arts. For the last 4 years I have coordinated CoolTan Arts’ original walks programme the Largactyl Shuffle. Working closely with a committed group of volunteers we research and design twelve monthly walks on local history, arts and mental health. All walks are held in Southwark back streets and green spaces, with diverse topics such as celebrating LGBT History Month, Black History Month, World Mental Health Day and celebrating Southwark’s local history, architecture, trade and arts.

Alison Vine - Community Involvement & Advocacy OfficerAlison Vine
Community Involvement Advocate and Wellbeing Advisor
T: 020 7701 2696
E: alison@cooltanarts.org.uk
Hi, my name is Alison and I’m the Community Involvement Advocate and also the Wellbeing Advisor.  I am responsible for introducing new and prospective participants to CoolTan Arts, and dealing with referrals and registrations.  I also promote awareness and building relationships with other service providers and community mental health teams, updating them on what CoolTan Arts has to offer their clients.  I take part in Self Advocacy training and free workshops.  A large part of my role is overseeing the general wellbeing of participants.  My empathy and passion comes from my own personal experience of mental health issues and an appreciation that creativity can transform a person’s wellbeing.  CoolTan Arts is a truly unique service that helps everyone here to flourish!

Thomas AndrewsThomas Andrews
Self Advocacy Manager
T: 020 7701 2696
E: thomas@cooltanarts.org.uk
How did I get here? An Arts background, many incarnations in the world of Adult Social care combined with a passion for social justice and a desire to help others reach their potential….In a nutshell, my mission is to make this course serve its students supremely and help them towards self-directed goals. It’s a new era for Self Advocacy at CoolTan, and I am proud to be a part of a team that has so much to give.

Olivia Louise Moyes
Fundraising Officer (Trainee)

T: 020 7701 2696
E: olivia@cooltanarts.org.uk

As the Trainee Fundraising Officer for CoolTan Arts I am responsible for researching potential funders, applying for grants and writing reports on all the varied and interesting projects that CoolTan delivers. If you have an idea for how you could raise funds for CoolTan, or partner with us, please do get in touch. I have a background in Fine Art and History of Art and have worked in the arts charity sector for four years.

Elizabeth Morrow
Communications and Volunteer Officer 

T: 020 7701 2696
E: elizabeth@cooltanarts.org.uk
Elizabeth joined CoolTan Arts in 2015 and works on the charity’s press and marketing. She studied History of Art at the Courtauld, then gained experience at a range of organisations such as the V&A and Ashmolean. She moved into communications, working at a visual arts communication agency for several years.

Charlie Fox
Walks Programme Manager

T: 020 7701 2696
E: charlie@cooltanarts.org.uk
Charlie is a London-based artist, writer and performer, producing interactive art projects that challenge existing models of artistic engagement. He is also founder of interdisciplinary art platform counter productions. As part of CoolTan he is working on an exciting new walks programme – Southwark Hidden History Tours and training a volunteer team to work on these tourist walks. If you want to learn new things, make friends, get fit and have fun or to find out more about the project, when the walks are taking place or to find about volunteering on the project please email me or visit the walk’s blog at http://coolwalksblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Rik Sanders, Admin & Reception - CoolTan Arts Staff Rik Sanders
Administration and Reception Assistant
T: 020 7701 2696
E: rik@cooltanarts.org.uk
After three years or so volunteering at CoolTan I was very happy to be offered a job on the staff team as the reception and administration assistant.
In my spare time (what’s that?) I like, in no particular order, bicycles, films, music, pub quizzes, making fairly bad music and growing tomatoes.
One of the many things I enjoy about being at CoolTan is the constant coming and going of people throughout the day, so being on reception means I get to speak to most everyone and If you visit or phone us there’s a good chance it will be me that you speak to first.
So come to CoolTan, say hello and get involved. I look forward to meeting you.

Nadezda Leonova – Bookkeeper (on maternity leave)
T: 020 7701 2696

Nadezda  joined Cooltan Arts in May 2015 and keep financial records up to date and help to prepare accounts.  I am originally from Russia and I moved to London in 2006. I am currently a Part Qualified ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).


Roger Jackson

I’ve been coming to CoolTan since 2012. I originally started coming along because I wanted something to do. I got involved with various creative art workshops. The staff are brilliant, and have been very patient with me over the years. I used to go to the cookery class. I have now been a cleaner at CoolTan since September 2015. I like being here, and getting to meet and chat to the people that come and go here.


CoolTan Tutors

Fiona ConnFiona Conn, WordPress Tutor: CoolTan Staff and Tutors
IT, Photoshop and WordPress Workshops Tutor
E: fiona@cooltanarts.org.uk
Hi, I’m Fiona and I’m an accidental geek. I’m interested in figuring out ways that technology can improve people’s lives and help them explore their social and creative needs and potential. So that’s partly how I ended up volunteering to build this new website for CoolTan, as well as their online shop. As a tutor, I have also run WordPress workshops at CoolTan for over a year now, supporting participants to develop the skills and confidence to create websites that allow them to showcase their own personal projects online. I love teaching and the rest of the time I also freelance as a web developer. Always open to collaborating on interesting new projects.

 Joe Sutton, Video Tutor: CoolTan Staff Joe Sutton

Head of Video Production

Joe has extensive experience of video production in the corporate and charitable sectors. Working with large international companies to small local theatre groups he came to CoolTan in 2012 to set up and run the Video Production Department staffed by volunteers. Their work has been shown at BFI and Imax amongst others, culminating in a GSK Impact Award in 2015.

“I love the energy of CoolTan and the longest day still leaves me ready for the next challenge. The role CT has in the community is immeasurable and to see people’s lives improving before your very eyes is an incentive to carry on the good work. To be a part of this is a great privilege and together we have grown the Video Production Department and trained some fantastic volunteers. As with everybody involved with CT it’s onwards and upwards.”


Isley LynnIsley Lynn, Poetry Tutor: CoolTan Staff
Poetry Workshops Tutor
My name is Isley and I lead poetry and creative writing workshops and tutorials.  I’m a poet and playwright myself and love working with other creative people at CoolTan.  I do one on one sessions with anyone starting out in writing, or if you’re already a writer and want to push your self expression further!  Every Thursday CoolTan’s poetry class POETree meet, share, read and write great poetry.  We sometimes perform too, and recently performed our work at the Globe Theatre!  Anyone is welcome to join, so get in touch.

CoolTan Spiral

Jill Newman
Cooking Club Tutor
E: jillcooltanarts@gmail.com
My name is Jill Newman. I teach healthy eating and cooking at CoolTan Arts Cooking Club. I love to share my knowledge  of nutrition and thus enable people to be more pro-active in their well-being. What we eat has a massive effect on our health, both mentally and physically.  Eating and preparing food is a very emotional activity, too and I try to turn it into a positive experience for all in the group. I want the kitchen to have a relaxed, social atmosphere alongside the need for focus and I believe we have achieved this at Cooking Club.”


Volunteer Tutors at CoolTan

Anne Fenn Staff and Tutors at CoolTan ArtsAnne Fenn
Creative Writing Tutor
E: annfenncooltanarts@gmail.com
I’m Ann and I teach the Creative Writing workshop at CoolTan. I’ve also been involved in several other projects here as a volunteer, including the CoolFruit magazine group. I have a background in creative writing, education, art and theatre.



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