CoolTan Arts on Resonance Fm – 21st June 2012

Largactyl Shufflings was broadcast on Resonance FM on 21st June at 5pm.

Join arts and mental health charity CoolTan Arts as they explore Dickens, night walking and mental health history through poetry, story and fashion.

CoolTan Arts CEO Michelle Baharier and Richard Muzira discuss Dickens and his relevance to current conditions of increasing poverty and the treatment of mental health issues today. Learn about the exciting Dickens Project which meets on Friday afternoons at CoolTan Arts and about the Largactyl Shuffle and its role in giving people local landmarks, safe spaces and free, accessible social opportunities.

The broadcast includes readings from the Dickens Project group, a sound piece by Isa Suarez developed with CoolTan Arts, Julius Xavier’s song, Personalisation and poetry by Sasha Dee and Debbie Francis.

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