Largactyl Shuffle Legacy Walk with CoolTan Arts

Saturday 23 July 2011, 12:00 noon at Hackney Museum, 1 Reading Lane, London, E8 1GQ

Join CoolTan Arts for an urban exploration walk of the area where the Olympics and Paralympics will take place in 2012; find out about the place, people and local community, and celebrate the Games and Olympic values and what they bring to the local community and the everyday lives of the people living in the Olympic boroughs.walkers hackney marshes 2010 olympic legacy walk web

Experience the clash between the former industrial area and the funky artistic area that Hackney has become, and how it has changed with the preparations and construction for London 2012. Explore the story of the Olympics and Paralympics, what they bring to London’s Olympic Boroughs, the changes of the area, and walk past some of the key Olympics sites.

It will be entertaining, with lots of quirky details and facts you never knew before!

Come and join us on 23 July at 12:00 noon at the entrance of the Hackney Museum, 1 Reading Lane, London, E8 1GQ (near Hackney Central Station), and take part in this exciting walk! The walk will end at Pudding Mill Lane (access to DLR and local buses).

Additional information:

The walk is supported by the Centre for Better Health.

In response to the Olympics, CoolTan Arts have created this walk through the area of the Olympic Boroughs and the surroundings of the Olympic Park alongside their regular monthly Largactyl Shuffle Walks in South London. The walk starts at Hackney Museum E8 1GQ and goes through the Community Woodlands, along the Lee Valley Navigation and Olympic construction zone ending at Pudding Mill Lane overlooking the Olympic Stadium. The walk covers 4 miles and lasts about 3, 5 hours.

The walk is organised as part of this year’s London 2012 Open Weekend, supported by BP, to take place on 22-24 July 2011. It will start the countdown to one year to go to the Games, as we welcome the world, showcasing the best of what the UK has to offer in art, dance, film, sport… For more details about the Open Weekend:

CoolTan Arts is an innovative mental health charity based in South London and believes that wellbeing is enhanced by the power of creativity. It exists to inspire the wellbeing and creative participation of a diverse range of people through the production of quality arts. The organisation is run by and for people with disabilities and aims to de-stigmatise mental health through arts and exercise. For more information about CoolTan Arts, please contact Kathrin Kirrmann, Information and Communications Manager, 020 7701 2696 or 0798 565 8443,

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